Monday, February 19, 2007

Erotica-It's Not For Sissies

Have you every picked up a book and found the word pussy in it? So what was your reaction? Did you pull back in shock or did you lean closer to the pages to read more? A few years ago I picked up a Regency Romance and found the word fuck in it and was quite surprised. Nothing on the cover indicated this was a book that went waaaaay beyond the usual Regenenc period chaste kiss.
Thankfully, today's erotica lets you know right up front that it's of an explicit nature.
Do you enjoy reading erotica and the sexual thrill it gives you? There is nothing wrong with this. It's supposed to do that. You're supposed to have that reaction. Although it's not porn, it is designed to stimulate the senses and heighten your sexual awareness. That's no crime to be sexually aware of yourself and others. Acting appropriately on those feelings is great fun! Trying new partners, trying new toys with a new partner, or alone, can be just the jumpstart you need to your day or the end of your day.
If you haven't read erotica lately, try some today.
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orgasmically yours,
Delicia Diamond