Saturday, June 10, 2006 rocks!

Just for the hell of it while cruising around the website I decided to click on the link: "sell my stuff." Well! I added a couple of books, looked around the bookshelves at the dust sitting on books I hadn't read in years and decided to add, maybe 12 total books. Before I could finish posting them, I had sold two books! That got my attention. So I further investigated my dusty bookshelves and found a pile of books that I haven't read, was no longer interested in keeping, or wasn't interested in reading. That led me to my video and DVD rack, which was located beside my CD case. So I went to town, posting item after item.
Before I knew it, I had sold close to sixty items and the sales are continuing. This was a great idea that I stumbled onto. I've now gone through my son's bookshelf and his stash of kid videos that he no longer watches and have sold a bunch of them, too. Yes, I'm keeping all the money! Who do you think bought most of the books and the videos? My husband just likes that I'm clearing off the shelves. Unfortunately, he recently cleaned out his own stash of books and donated them to the library.
Posting items to sell is incredibly easy. Easier than ebay. Really.
Click on "sell my stuff" and enter the ISBN number of the book, which is the number beside the barcode on the back of the book, or in the inside front cover or on the copyright page. searches its own database and provides a picture of the cover of the book so you don't have to take your own pictures and upload them, like you have to on ebay. Then you input how much money you want for your item. will tell you how many of this same item are available for sale as new or used and at what price so that you can compete with the marketplace. You may also open your own store if you wish.
Just be aware that charges a 0.99 cents per transaction fee for each item, so you don't want to offer something for a very low price and then have to pay money out to ship it. You can make a little on each item if priced right and is not too heavy.
At this rate, my little aventure will finance my trip to Atlanta for the RWA conference! Wahoo. I love this. I'm considering asking my neighbors for unwanted books, too.
BTW, I do believe in royalties, BUT I also believe in getting rid of the stuff sitting on my bookshelves that someone else could use.
Thank you!


Blogger ~*~Barb~*~ said...

Way to go, girlfriend. Save those dollars for the big time in Atlanta. :-)

I'm up and running as Barb's Base. Yee-Ha!

6:13 AM  

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